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Official selection from European Cultural Centre and GAA Foundation, on the occasion of LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, Susanne Stemmer's video installation BENEATH is shown as a projection installation on the facade of PALAZZO MORA in Venice.

Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659, Venice
from 20th-25th September 2017 after sunset

...with indefatigable support from friendlyfire.at, Wide Painting, European Culture Centre, GAA Foundation, malkasten, ARTSY.  - THANK YOU!!!

Specialised in underwater photography, the artist Susanne Stemmer examines the changes that human beings experience after their immersion through the surface. The characters illustrated in her works are free and boundless as soon as they immerse. A physical freedom with the imaginary loss of gravity as well as mental freedom, abandoning their image, having the feeling nobody is watching them - finally being able to release themselves from all conventions and drop the mask they are wearing in society.

An inner journey begins into a world we rediscover ourselves, a dream world, photographed and still resembling an imaginary painting.

Under Water - Season II - 2015/16

blossom II, 2016

appease, 2016

blossom, 2016

grace II, 2016


grace, 2016

absolved, 2015

evanesce, 2015

freedom II, 2015

perception, 2015

UNDER WATER 2013/2014

come into my world, 2013

come into my world II, 2013

agravic II, 2014

agravic, 2014

Under Water - 2013

immerse, 2013

dissolve, 2013

freedom. 2013

mask, 2013

mask III, 2013

mask II, 2013

mask IV, 2013

deliquesce, 2013

history repeating itself, 2013

as if you'd see the light, 2013

under surfaces, 2013

the understanding, 2013

peregrination, 2013

peregrination veiled, 2013

as if you'd be the light, 2013

devotion, 2013